Our Instructors


Sean Beglan, TCRG

Sean started dancing at the age of four with the O’Reilly School of Irish dance in his hometown of Cavan, Ireland. By the age of nine, he began to compete at an international level; placing top ten in Leinster, All-Ireland, North American, and World Championships of Irish dance. At the age of 15, Sean began performing with various groups throughout Australia, Europe and Southeast Asia. 

By age 17, Sean was invited to join “Riverdance,” touring full time throughout North America. He was soon promoted to lead dancer, the role previously made famous by Michael Flatley. Sean toured North America with Riverdance for 5 years and then sat his teaching certification exam and was awarded his T.C.R.G. title allowing him to teach Irish dance at a competitive level. After spending 2006-07 working with a new musical production on Broadway, Sean turned

his attention to passing on his love of Irish dance and performance to the students of the Beglan Academy.

Sean has performed on many nationally broadcast TV shows, including “Dancing with the Stars”, “The View,” “Good Morning America,” “The Today Show,” and Ireland’s “The Late, Late Show.” He has also performed for Mary McAlesse and Mary Robinson, current and past

Presidents of Ireland, Hilary Clinton and Former Vice President Cheney.


Jillian Beglan

Jillian began Irish dancing at the age of nine with the

Cashel-Dennehy School of Irish Dance. Competing

throughout North America, Ireland and Europe she quickly

asserted herself as an accomplished Irish dancer placing

nationally and internationally, most notably top three in the

North American Irish Dance Championships and recalling

at the World Championships of Irish Dance. At the age of

17, she graduated high school early and was asked to join

Riverdance as a troupe member touring for three years, full

time, throughout North America.

Besides Riverdance, Jillian has had the opportunity to perform on Dancing with the Stars and with world renowned Irish groups including Cherish the Ladies, Gaelic Storm, Leahy's Luck, Eidir and for former President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Jillian also spent many years in extensive training for classical ballet and has performed in numerous Milwaukee Ballet productions. When not helping out at the dance studio, Jillian can be found homeschooling their five kids with her husband.


Aileen Cronin-Ploessl, TCRG, ADCRG

Aileen Cronin- Ploessl began dancing at the age of 5 with Cashel Dennehy, and soon went on to become top of her competition.  She competed at the highest level of competition, winning the Mid-America region, placing top three Nationally and top twenty in the worlds.  Also, her team won Mid-American championship five times and placed second at the World Championship.  After college, she has toured with Riverdance the Show for over two years and her highlights included performing in the 10th Anniversary show at Radio City Music Hall, the Ellen Degeneres Show, and Dancing with the Stars. She achieved her T.C.R.G. in 2005, and achieved her A.D.C.R.G. in 2017, giving her the certification to judge at Irish Dance competitions.  

Aileen is very focused on the development of dancing skills, performance skills, stage presence and self confidence in her students. She believes these skills will diffuse to all areas of her students’ life


Helen Hillis, TCRG

Helen Hillis began dancing at the age of four at the Clarkson School in Saint Louis, Missouri. What started as a casual hobby quickly flourished into a lifelong passion. She trained under world-renowned dancer and choreographer, John Carey, both in Saint Louis and at his studio in Birmingham, England. During her college years in Milwaukee, Helen danced with the Beglan Academy. Her competitive record includes multiple recalls and placements at the Mid America Oireachtas, North American National Championship, Great Britain Championship, All Ireland, and All Scotland. Most notably, she earned a top five placement at the Mid-America Oireachtas and competed at the CLRG World Championships.

In addition to her time spent at the studio, Helen works in education designing professional development for teachers in high need schools.


Callie Spaltholz, TCRG

Callie was one of Beglan Academy’s first students in 2007

but originally began dancing at the age of 6 at Cashel-

Dennehy. She quickly became a strong soloist and ceili

team dancer, competing on several Mid-America,

National and All-Ireland ceili teams. Her team won the

Mid-America Irish Dance Championships two consecutive

years, ranked 3rd place at Nationals, and 10th at All-

Irelands. Callie continued to compete both locally and

internationally in solos and teams until 2009.

Callie started teaching at Beglan Academy in 2013 and encourages all students to have fun, work hard for what you love and build relationships that will last a lifetime. Callie earned her TCRG in 2017 and is eager to provide guide and foster new learning for her students on their dance journey. 


Riva Treasure

Riva started Irish dancing at the age of six years old. Her

dance career began with Cashel-Dennehy and progressed

to competing at local feisanna then moved to the regional

level. Riva has participated in Oireachtas for many years

with an award winning eight-hand team and in competition

as a soloist. Riva has been teaching with Beglan Academy

since 2008 and loves teaching all levels.

Riva currently works full time as a condo and commercial

property manager as the marketing director.

Outside of work and Irish Dance, Riva has a fashion and

lifestyle blog showcasing her personal style and all the

things she loves about Milwaukee.